August 17, 2016 Andreas Georgiades

Brighton Greeks – £2,000 Prize Winners of The Santander Junior Bursary of 2016

Santander Junior Associate Entrepreneurship Bursary winners:  Marios Petri, Andreas Georgiades

We are so humbled to have been awarded the £2,000 from University of Sussex Santander Junior Associate Entrepreneurship Bursary scheme.  Andreas & Marios

Myself, Andreas Georgiades and my co-founder Marios Petri will receive bursaries to help us develop the Brighton Greeks Organisation with the support of experts at the Sussex Innovation Centre, which manages the scheme on behalf of the University.

Brighton Greeks was founded in 2014 and is an organisation that has the Greek community’s interest at heart in the wider Brighton area. Brighton Greeks is dedicated to the mission of “creating a home away from home”, by connecting Greeks and Cypriots, organising events and cultural activities as well as offering consultation services such as housing and employment opportunities, in order to make the acclimatization process of immigration as seamless as possible. What makes Brighton Greeks unique are the strong relationships we have actively built and continue to grow with local businesses, societies and the Greek Orthodox Church. Members of the community truly feel that they have a voice and that their ideas and opinions are valued and heard. We have made giving back an integral part of our organisation with our not-for-profit community activities, our work on humanitarian projects and through Hellenic Society sponsorships. We always aim to promote and maintain the Hellenic culture, language, history and customs..

We plan to use these funds to develop a business plan around the future plans for the organisation, including a mobile application and a proposed All Day Greek Festival that will raise money to provide financial grants for Greek and Cypriot students. We also hope to extend the concept to other areas around the UK.

The judge’s’ decision to award us with the bursary was influenced by the design of our business model, which they felt had the potential to be replicated across similar communities linked by nationality and culture.

It’s amazing news, we are so excited to have been awarded the bursary, and we are eager to begin our relationship with the Sussex Innovation Centre. Through the Brighton Greeks organisation we hope to help Greeks in the UK, like ourselves, to feel belonging and a connection with their own culture and people..

“The purpose of this award is to offer students at Sussex the chance to develop their ideas and realise an entrepreneurial experience,” said Peter Lane, who manages the Business Support Team at the Sussex Innovation Centre..

“The Winners’ success was also partly by virtue of being ‘at the right moment’ in their journey – we’d encourage applicants who were unsuccessful this time to apply again next year, given more time to develop their ideas to reach the point where they are best placed for us to support them.”.

Four prizes of £2,000 each are awarded across every academic year as part of the StartUp Sussex Enterprise Programme, a joint initiative delivered by the Sussex Innovation Centre and the University of Sussex Careers and Employability Centre. To find out more about how to apply for one of next term’s bursaries, contact the StartUp Sussex team by email.